The last straw, if I had any straws left

The Boeing 737 Max has over 41,000 hours of flight time and has had over 6.1 million passengers. It took only 2 fatal events for the airplane to be grounded and reassessed. Planes are the safest way to travel, in part because they take unfortunate events extremely seriously. And for good reason. Being on a plane is a vulnerable position as a passenger. You are putting your life in the hands of: physics that we don't have too much hands-on experience with, engineering that the average person doesn't readily come in contact with, and people that you will probably never meet.

In other modes of transportation you have more control. If you hear or see something weird in your car, you can pull over, get it towed, and have it inspected. On a bus or a train, you can get off at the next stop. On a plane, you have no options but to wait it out. Understanding the variables involved in flight and the anxiety that the helplessness causes, we have very strict safety standards around air travel.

Telling someone that planes are the safest way to travel, doesn't always alleviate their fears. For some things, it doesn't matter how safe something is statistically. The perceived fear is enough to change behavior. We understand this well when it comes to certain things.

Before, I had some anxiety around driving. Now I am afraid to drive at all.

I'm tired. I'm tired of these events. I'm tired of the same old arguments about what my people should do in these situations, instead of what Police should do. You have been given the authority and power to do things based on your perception. YOU should behave differently when these events happen. Not us.

If I had anymore straws left, this would've been the last.

If I had anymore straws left this would be the last.